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瞎了我的狗眼 用英文怎么说(看错了人)例句: It is my fault to make friend with him and blindly trust on him.跟他交友

knowing Regret blindly trusting词汇释义 Regret感到遗憾; 惋惜; 懊悔; 有礼貌地或正式地表示抱歉、痛惜或悲伤; 痛惜; 遗憾; 失望 blindly摸黑地; 在黑暗中;

翻译一下:我不会盲目地相信广告你好,翻译为:“I will not blindly believe that the advertising”。



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喜欢你 是我做过的 最有始有终的事情,请帮忙用英语翻译_百 I have decided on their own a little better, anyway, after the beginnings and ends of love, I will not blindly trust

明知道是谎言还一味的信任,这样还能继续吗?英文怎么写_百 回答:Know is a lie also blindly trust, can continue like this? | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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