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英语谜语大全及答案 100条英语谜语大全及答案Riddles (I)1.What is smaller than an insect’s mouth?2.What season is the most dangerous one?3.What

英语谜语及答案谜语答案 1. blackboard 2. a clock 3. the sun 4.a bird 5. T(tea) 6. C(sea) 7. B(bee) 8

英语谜语要带答案Q: What are two things people never eat before breakfast? A: Lunch and supper.

英语谜语(要答案)2.How many feet are there in a yard?--It depends on how many people stand in the yard. (码,院子)3.Why is an

英语小谜语有哪些?Monkey. (猴)2.What is the most difficult key to turn?什么钥匙最难拧?Donkey. (驴)3.My name start with

写出5条英语谜语及其答案.回答:What month do soldiers hate? March (三月,行军) How many feet are there in a yard? It depends on how many

英语谜语~~~要带答案的better,best. Go to bed ,Tom. 1 Twins. Q: "There were some twins. One was twenty, the other was twenty 2. w

有关英语的谜语带谜底 要翻译答案解析 查看更多优质解析 举报 1.What animal wears big black glasses on its face?什么动物脸上戴

求英语谜语及答案带翻译1.What month do soldiers hate?--March (三月,行军)2.How many feet are there in a

一句话的英语谜语(附答案) 多多益善Riddles I(001-010) 1.What is smaller than an insect's mouth?2.What season is the | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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