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求这句话的英语原句~如果找不到求大神翻译astronaut, gunmen, there is Superman, and have very famous, which not once the image of the cowboy to the pressure dow

如果你的课本找不到了,你想问问老师,此时用英语你应该例句:Excuse me,Miss Gao,where is my history(历史) book?Excuse me,Mr Li,where are my English(英语) books?如果你要简单

可现在找不到了用英语怎么说看什么情况了,是你自己找不到,还是别人找不到,还是某个东西找不到 I scribbled down his telephone number on a piece of

找不到 用英文怎么说cann't find it or That's nowhere

如果那里没有,就没有了 的英文翻译There is the last place to look for.

如果你找不到你的书了,你要问同学,你用英语该怎么说_百度回答:翻译是: If you can't find your books, you ask your classmates.

"如果没有"用英语怎么说and stood out for Seven Isles. The third day out a pirate (Tere

找不到用英语怎么说look .找有好几种说法,至于找不到,你可以直接否定找:look upfind find out search for 解析看不懂?免费查

"如果没有"用英语怎么说用英语怎么说“如果没有你” “如果没有如果”用英语怎么说? 我不会英语,用英语怎么说? “那必须的

可现在找不到了用英语怎么说大家速度 啊看什么情况了,是你自己找不到,还是别人找不到,还是某个东西找不到I scribbled down his telephone num | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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